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Leakmaster Plastic Pants
Rod **** from Victoria writes:
"Have used these plastic pants for a few months now. They are very comfortable to wear. They do not leak and cover a nappy very well."

Large Nappy Pins
Rod **** from Victoria writes:
"I have used the Large nappy pins for a few months now with Traditional Terry square nappies, the large nappy pins work well for the kite fold i use, they provide adequate fastening and are very strong. A very good product!"
White - Approx. 68 cm Flannelette Squares 
Alysia **** from New South Wales writes:
"WOW! I have been searching so long for good old fashioned terry and flannelette square nappies. My 3 kids have all used the ones which I ended up having to make myself when I couldnt buy any pre-made ones. Those are now worn out so Im purchasing new for my next baby. They might be old fashioned but I swear they are best."

Haian - White - Large
Rod **** from Victoria writes:
"Have been wearing these over cloth nappies for a while now. Good comfort and protection from leaks and at an economical price too."
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Haian - Plastic Pants
Jeffrey **** from Queensland writes:
"I recently purchased 6 pairs of plastic pants. I find them very comfortable and of good quality and reasonably priced. Shipped promptly and efficiently. I will certainly be ordering more of this products."
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Gerber - Plastic Pants

Stephen **** from ACT writes:

Like anyone her age (19 months), my youngest child doesn't know she needs to do a wee or a poo until she's already doing it. And that means, of course, she wears a nappy at all times. My wife and I are sticklers for the terry nappies we both wore at the same age. These don't have the built in waterproof shell a disposable nappy has, and so she needs to wear plastic pants over her nappy. Her hand-me-down plastic pants from her older brother are wearing out, so I'm so pleased to see someone selling Gerber plastic pants. They do exactly what they need to do, keeping her clothing and bed dry and clean no matter the state of her nappy.



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